Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation is a new beginning and an exciting time in someone’s life. It also provides an excellent opportunity to recognize the graduate for all of his or her many achievements. If someone you love has recently graduated, you are probably planning a party in their honor.  What good is a party, though, without a delicious cake?  You may be planning on baking the graduation cake yourself.  If so, there are some excellent and flavorful graduation cake ideas available that go beyond the traditional yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

If you’ve got some experience or skill at baking, then the possibilities for a yummy graduation cake are endless. Try a banana cake infused with real chunks of fresh banana. Top it off with a smooth and billowy whipped frosting in a rainbow of flavors. Banana goes well with chocolate, strawberry, or peanut butter flavors, to name a few. For more sophisticated flavors, you can create a coffee flavored icing. This tastes rich and delicious and will certainly please crowds attending an older graduate’s party.

A substitute for the traditional graduation cake is to make a cookie cake.  This is simply a giant cookie that can be cut into portions and served. You can also decorate the big cookie with icing and adorn it with a saying or phrase.  Cupcakes have become another popular alternative when it comes to graduation cake ideas. They can be presented very nicely, and they’re easy to make, serve, and eat. Display them on a tiered tray and they look quite nice.

You can go beyond tradition by stepping up the same flavors, but adding a twist.  For example, instead of a regular milk chocolate frosting, you could opt to make a dark chocolate frosting instead. For filling you could use fresh fruit, pudding, or peanut butter. Look for different recipes for graduation cake ideas, and mix and match them to suit the tastes of your own graduate and guests. Be creative and come up with a unique cake and icing combination that perhaps many people have not tried before. 

In addition to being delicious, you might also want your graduation cake to be healthy. Try to use fresh ingredients and look for recipes that include no trans fats. You can also substitute eggs for egg whites or try other alternatives to make the cake at least a little healthier.  Fresh ingredients also make the cake taste much better. 

Don’t be afraid to be daring as long as you can bake the cake without too many complications.  The Internet is a great resource for discovering new ideas for cakes and other delectable desserts.  Combining new flavors will make your cake unique and taste great.

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