Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Elegant Graduation Cake Ideas

While some people prefer the simplicity of a nicely decorated sheet cake for celebratory occasions, other people crave the unique or will only settle for the most elegant cakes. Maybe your cake style hinges on the type of celebration at hand. A graduation party is one occasion that unique or elegant cakes may be a requirement. If you or your pending graduate is looking for truly unique or elegant graduation cake ideas use the following to get the creativity flowing.

Tiered Cakes
While tiered cakes might make you think of wedding cakes, the fact is that tiered cakes can be appropriately constructed and decorated for any occasion. In fact, a tiered graduation cake almost symbolically represents the steps your graduate took to get to this stage in their life. Whether you stack tiers off-center, straight up, or randomly, a tiered graduation cake can add a bit of formality or creativity to the celebration and the decorative options are near endless.

A tiered graduation cake also provides an option for sentiment. As with a wedding cake, the top tier of a graduation cake can be frozen and saved for celebrating the completion of the first year of college or other momentous occasion down the road.

Free-Form Cakes
A special celebration like graduation deserves a special cake. Free-form cakes are not simple sheet cakes or cakes made from form pans, but are built from various pieces of cake to resemble a finished product. Free-form graduation cake ideas can range from unique to practical to elegant. A simple idea is a row of books stacked upright or sideways, piped with the names of subjects mastered by the graduate on the bindings. A more elegant free-form graduation cake could be a rolled diploma tied with a ribbon of real silk, or made edible from gum paste or marzipan and paired with an edible rendering of a cap and tassel.

The Cake Alternative
Cupcakes make a great alternative to traditional cakes and are great for smaller, more intimate parties. Tiered cupcake holders make displaying cupcakes as a centerpiece more elegant. There are a variety of tasteful cupcake toppers that are appropriate for graduation and when paired with nicely colored icing, sprinkles, and curly ribbon, make an attractive alternative to a cake.

While traditional sheet cakes are perfectly acceptable and often expected, a unique or elegantly constructed cake gives pizzazz to an occasion that’s anything but ordinary. One thing to consider before commissioning a tiered or free-form cake is transportation. Picking up and transporting a sheet cake is far easier than transporting the other varieties. If you opt for a uniquely made graduation cake, you might want to see if delivery is an option.

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