Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

If you are providing a cake for a graduate’s celebration, you may be looking for creative ways to make that cake special. A graduation cake should be something that shows your pride in the student and that pays homage to all the accomplishments that they have achieved. There are many wonderful graduation cake ideas out there, many of which include some rather clever accessories. 

Cake toppers are a great way to give the cake an added boost of festive decoration. You can find little figures wearing caps and gowns to adorn the top of the cake, much like you’d find a bride and groom on top of a wedding cake.  These little toppers come in many different colored robes, so see if you can find one in your graduate’s school colors. You can also find graduation themed candles in different shapes and sizes. Due to the popularity of these candles, you may be able to find them easily at a cake or party store. If you have trouble locating them, try to see if you can order them online.

Miniature diplomas are another great way to decorate a graduation cake. You can make one yourself by taking a tiny sheet of white paper and rolling it up like a diploma. For an added touch, write a congratulatory sentiment on the inside of the “diploma.”

Other graduation cake ideas include topping the cake with festive edible glitter, having a photo of the recent graduate printed on the cake, or simply personalizing the cake with icing. Just write out congratulations, the graduate’s name, the school they graduated from, and the year with icing. This is one of the most personal graduation cake ideas, as it really makes your cake much more meaningful. If you are not confident in your own ability to do this, some bakeries will do it for free or for a small fee.

Any of these ideas will ensure that the party is one they will truly appreciate and cherish for many years to come. Your cake will be something to remember and it will help to mark this important milestone in the graduate’s life.

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