Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Multi-Party Graduation Cake Ideas

In large families or close-knit communities, it is not at all uncommon for parents to throw a single graduation party for two or more friends or relatives. There are many benefits to a combination party, including saving money on food and the convenience for guests. Since many kids enjoy having all their friends in one place, a dual or combination party often works out for everyone. Though the menu is not complicated by the need to address each graduate, the graduation cake can pose a dilemma. Should you buy one cake or two? The following graduation cake ideas and suggestions can help you decide.

Graduation cakes are not like birthday cakes in that no one has to be put front and center to blow out candles. However, graduates are proud of their accomplishment, and rightfully so. If you are throwing a combination party, you may find that one large sheet cake is more economical than ordering two half-sheet cakes. One cake works well if it feeds enough guests, but ask the bakery to decorate the cake in halves. Rather than place a single message on the cake addressing both graduates, have two separate messages written to each individual. This way no one person’s name is before another’s in a single congratulatory message.

If you are combining a family for a graduation celebration and each student has graduated from a different school, you might want to consider two smaller cakes, each decorated according to school colors. This makes a more personal statement than a single cake comprised of generic colors representing neither school. If you would rather have a single cake, take the half-and-half approach so neither student is left out.

The half-and-half approach can actually be taken a step further if need be. If you choose to combine a graduation party for more than two students, you can actually use four quarter-sheet cakes pushed together and iced as a single cake. This allows for four individual favorite flavor selections. However, the more graduates you try to represent in a single cake, the more difficult the decorating becomes. In the case of more than two students, it may be best to use the generic approach and have the words “Congratulations Class of 2009”, for example, piped on top and personalize the party for each individual in other ways.

Above all else, when combining more than one person’s accomplishments into a single celebration, ask individuals how they feel about certain details. You may find your son or daughter could care less about the cake, where as your niece, nephew, or neighbor’s child may prefer their own cake. Take into account what each kid wants and what each family can afford, you can easily come up with good graduation cake ideas that please everyone.

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