Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Personalized Graduation Cake Ideas

Everyone remembers their first real graduation: whether it was kindergarten, high school, or college, your parents probably threw you a big party with a cake.  Today, people are getting more and more creative with graduation cake ideas. These cakes are often beautiful, inspirational, and very personal. This creative license will add a special touch to the day and create wonderful memories of the event.

There are many professional bakeries available to do custom cakes or you can make the cake yourself. Either way, the opportunities and ideas are limitless.  For example, if your graduate was a cheerleader or a football player, you could make a cake with their jersey number and team logo on it. If they just recently graduated from nursing school, you could make a cute cake in the shape of a nurse’s cap. If your graduate has just finished high school and has been accepted to a particular college, try making a cake with the college’s insignia or name on it.  If they’re a little one who’s just completed kindergarten, make a cute cake with kites, apples, and other elementary school related symbols. 

For those who are older and want a more sophisticated cake, look for graduation cake ideas that project a sense of style and elegance. You could use fondant to make a nice shapely diploma. You can also purchase little graduate figures to place on the cake that are very similar to the bride and groom figures found on wedding cakes.  Add the person’s name with icing for a personal touch.

With so many wonderful graduation cake ideas out there, it’s no wonder people are getting more and more creative in order to provide the most unforgettable cake possible.

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