Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Personalized Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation is a proud moment in a young person’s life. It is also an occasion for celebration, and where would any good party be without a cake? While most any bakery can supply a standard graduation cake decorated with standard plastic caps and diplomas, complete with the phrase “Congratulations Tommy” piped on top, why not take the time to request or make a more personalized cake to mark the occasion?

To make the happy graduate a cake to remember, use these simple graduation cake ideas to personalize their celebration treat.

Edible Images
Edible images are non-toxic, food grade transfers that are placed on top of an iced cake. Edible images can be made from photographs you supply. Senior portraits or baby pictures make ideal edible images for graduation cakes and add a personal touch that icing balloons and flowers just can't touch.

School Pride
Many graduates are as proud of their school as they are themselves, especially if they participated in athletics, music, or other school programs they enjoyed. When planning the graduation cake, try to incorporate the graduate’s school colors and a mascot, or meaningful objects, such as footballs, baseballs, CDs, or whatever may have meaning to the individual.

Future Endeavors
If the graduate has already been accepted to their college of choice and has planned their future education and career goals, incorporate their future endeavors into their graduation cake. Request a cake with one half representing their past, such as their high school colors or mascot, and the other half with colors, a mascot, or object that represents their future.

These are but a few ideas and suggestions to get you started thinking about graduation cake ideas that make a personalized statement. If you use a bakery, talk to them ahead of time about these and other ideas you have to come up with a personalized cake that will make your graduate smile.

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