Fun and Delicious Graduation Cake Ideas

Unique Graduation Cake Ideas

Whether someone you love is graduating from high school, kindergarten, college, or law school, it is a very important milestone in his or her life.  Many people choose to celebrate this momentous occasion with a party. With that in mind, what is a party without a cake?  The cake often serves as the centerpiece of a party, so it should be something that will stand out and provide lasting memories.  If you’re putting on a party for someone who recently graduated, here are some unique and creative graduation cake ideas to use. 

If the party is for a high school graduate, try to make a cake representing the their high school activities.  For example, a football player would love a cake in the colors of his school or with the school mascot on it. You could even simply put your player’s jersey number in icing on the cake. For younger kids, decorate the graduation cake with a little apple, balloons, or other cute and festive images.

If your graduate is just finishing up college, there are lots of creative graduation cake ideas to try. Place a small figurine of a person in their cap and gown at the top, or make a small little diploma out of paper and use it as the cake’s topper.  You can decorate the cake in the college’s main colors or write something on the cake in icing to commemorate the year, school name, and the name of the graduate. Use the grad’s picture on the cake to show everyone how proud you are of his or her many achievements. 

Medical and nursing school graduates sometimes get overlooked, but they are true achievers. A nice graduation cake can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture to show how proud you are of them. You can create a cute stethoscope, a nurse’s hat, a red cross, or even a hypodermic needle with icing on top of the cake. Brainstorm different images related to medical school and use them as your inspiration. This suggestion can also be applied to those who have just graduated from law school. You can make a cake in the shape of different sized books and use icing to write the subject names on the spine.  A judge’s robe and gavel is another great topper for law school graduate cakes. 

No matter who the graduate is, try to make the cake in the person’s favorite flavors. These can be simple combinations such as yellow cake with chocolate frosting or more sophisticated ones like a coffee flavored cake with butter cream frosting.  Recipes can vary depending on the size and shape of your cake, so look for one that will work best for the style of cake you’ve chosen. Remember, you want the cake to look good, but you also want it to taste great, too.

No matter what you choose or how you decorate the cake, the graduate will feel honored and loved by all of the hard work you put into making their graduation party and their graduation cake so unique and special.

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